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About SimpleCoops

We designed a coop that chickens love. It's easy to build for both novice and skilled craftsmen, using the most cost-effective materials. All of this in a set of plans and step-by-step instructions that make this the most rewarding and fun project.

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Safe & Comfy Coop

Step x Step Instructions

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Easy and Inexpensive to Build

Designed to use the least expensive 2x4 lumber and plywood sheet, the SimpleCoop is easy to build in a weekend and fun for all involved. Includes BONUS instructions on optimal cutting for the least off-cut wastage as well as how to prepare your site and install a secure and level chicken coop. The SimpleCoop provides easy access to cleaning and egg collection, with perches located exactly where chickens like to roost. After ten years our original coops built from these plans are still safe, productive homes for our chickens.

Proven Design Features

Every SimpleCoop comes with the following design features:

  • Primarily made from 2x4 stud lumber to reduce materials costSample page from manual
  • Tall raised design to thwart predators
  • Vented roof to relieve summer heat
  • Solid draftproof wooden enclosure to insulate against winter cold
  • Rear outside access to eggs and nesting boxes
  • Large door for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Removable perch with integrated litter tray for easy cleaning and manure collection
  • Sample page from builders manualComfortable, easy-to-clean nesting boxes for laying and brooding
  • Window to observe and check on occupants
  • Secure doors and hatch for nightime protection
  • Can be built with common household hand tools
  • Easy to build in a weekend
  • Transportable - if you move take it with you
  • A clean, comfortable safe coop promotes a healty flock and good egg production


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